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  • aliwatson -

    Hi Nick I literally joined the forum 10minutes ago in the hope to find a decent grinder and here you are! Just moved into a place with a couple of outbuildings which are soon to be a workshop and my upturned floor sander strapped to a work mate just doesn't cut it anymore!

    Can you please give me a quote for a grinder that has both a flat platen and a couple of contact wheels (8" & 10"). Thanks for your time. The same set up as JimmyPie seems to be what I'm after.

    • Nick_ -

      Hi Ali,

      Glad to see you are on board . Lot of good people here and a lot of good info . Upside down floor sander huh? I think I can take care of that that for you.

      Jimmy's grinder is a 1ph, but I also do 3ph with an Invertek Optidrive IP66 vfd if that is of interest to you.

      A set up like Jimmyswith a platten assembly is @ 490GBP. The cost of contact wheels is 6" @ 65, 8" and 10" @80. And shipping is @ 70 for the grinder+15 for each wheel since the weight goes up.

      If you decide on a vfd option, add 235( same price as UK)to the grinder+15 for the extra weight. In this case the motor would be 3ph with a 1ph-3ph out on the inverter.

      -10% for the Holidays, so you might want to take advantage of that.

      There are grinders available in 1ph for shipping within 7-10 days. vfd option is 3 week delivery .

      My Best Regards,

    • aliwatson -

      Wow that's sounds great. I understand the 3ph motor is more efficient and better suited for simpler wiring - does this mean I can just plug in with a three pin plug and away I go?

      My workshop is due to be finished in early February. Do I pay you a deposit now for the construction and the rest then?

      If it's easier I can collect in person depending on where you are?

      Many thanks

    • Nick_ -

      Hi Ali,

      With the vfd, yes you just plug in to your 240v 3 plug main and the vfd takes care of the rest. It inverts to 3ph, and you have the speed control.

      Let me explain how 3ph works with the inverter running off of a 1ph main. It gives out 3x240v, so thats the kind of efficiency you have. Much quieter running much stronger grinding .

      Let me know when you want to take delivery, because like I said, there is a constant turnover on the inverters, so I need 3 weeks . And now there is a holiday rush so its getting a little busy here. ,even though there are grinders being assembled all the time. The problem isnt the grinder, its the 3 week delivery for the inverter.

      As far as deposit. I would need 50%, and I'll deliver whenever you like,( after the 3 weeks) but for the discount, I would need a payment in full.

      I suppose you could collect in person if you plan on visiting Salonika in the near future, but if not, then it might be best if I just ship it to you DHL24hr

      Best Regards,

    • aliwatson -

      Hmm maybe I'll get it delivered after all! Sure thing. In that case could I book it now to be delivered at the start of Feb '16?

      I know you said the full amount will need to be payed if the discount was to be redeemed but unfortunately due to family/Christmas commitments money is tight. I could however get you a deposit in 2 weekends time.

      Basically what I'm after is the flat platen with the vfd 3ph motor and the 3 contact wheels. Would it be possible to still take advantage of that -10% if I am to go for the full package??

      Kind regards

    • Nick_ -

      Ali, Dont worry about it, I always take care of the people who find me through the forums . 10 % , for you, but I cant keep a vfd on hold without a deposit since they are expensive and they have a quick turnover rate. Plus the 3 week delivery time on them.

      I order them 3 at a time, and lately Im not ordering them fast enough, so even though there are grinders available, I'll need some cash to be able to put one on hold for you to meet your dates and it would be good if we stayed one step ahead on this.

      Ive got clients in just about every country in the EU, so Im sure you can understand how fast things go on my end. One day I have three, the next day I have none depending on how orders come in.

      I ordered three inverters a week ago, and since I placed the order, the two are sold, so whenever you are ready, let me know, shoot over a deposit, and I'll take care of the rest to set up the grinder the way you want it and to meet your deadlines.

      All the Best,

  • glyn -

    hi nick ive been reading about your grinders and the reviews are good congratulations ! i could well be shortly looking for an up grade ,in an ideal world i would like a grinder with an 8" and 10" contact wheel along with a small wheel attachment (1"or there about ) then if funds allow a flat platen (though i have one on my grinder now that i may be able to put in to use to keep the cost down) then variable speed would also be great !the questions im asking are what are the costs of the above including delivery with and without the motor and vfd if possible ,though its setting up the vfd that causes me most concern as i am not into technology


    • Nick_ -

      Hi Glyn,

      Thanks for the good words !! Unfortunately I dont sell the grinders without motors anymore. I did that as a promotion in the spring .

      I can do a grinder for you with a 3phase motor and vfd ready to run out of the box. All you have to do is bolt the motor on, put the drive wheel on and its grinding. If you think its too much for you, I can ship it in one piece but its a 60 kilo box so there is a small handling charge of 30GBP if you would like it shipped this way.

      As far as the platten, if youve got a 10mm thick platten and 10mm axle space between the platten and wheel, then your platten should match. If you dont, maybe it would be wiser to go with my platten so its all matched up and centered when it leaves my shop .

      On vfds, there are two options at the moment. the first is the ABB ACS 150, at 165GBP . Great inverter, but its IP 20 rated , so it would need to be installed in a box, otherwise the metal dust will kill it.

      The second option is the Invertek Optidrive which is IP 66 rated at 235GBP and is the most popular

      On wheels, 8 and 10 inch wheels the rate is at 80 each, complete with bearings and axle for each wheel, and small wheel assemblies start at 55 and up depending on how many wheels .

      Shipping is flat rate at 70GBP for the grinder and +15 for every wheel and small wheel assembly .

      The grinder and motor are at 490GBP, so add whatever you think you would need+ shipping if you would like to get a figure.

      As an afterthought, If your platten matches up, instead of me sending a platten with the grinder, I can add the 8 inch wheel to the kit .

      And if you dont mind doing a bank transfer, I'll knock off 3.5 percent. Weve got the capitals controls over here and its making it really difficult to stay operational with paypal.

      Lead time is 14-20 days at the moment .

      Hope this all makes sense. Its been a long day and its getting kind of late here.


    • glyn -

      many thanks nick i will definitely be in touch very soon