TrayTray Unobtainium

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  • from Kent
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  • DanBow -

    Ha ha straight back at you

  • mason knives -

    Hi Tracy, thanks for the kind comments about my knives.

    All the best


    • TrayTray -

      You're welcome Paul :)
      Just being honest. Also...... Eeep Paul commented on my wall.

      Wishing you the best also :)

  • mulletman6 -


  • TrayTray -

    Hey Gary :) - my name doesn't have an 'e' - It's a shame we didn't see you at Bardsters. Though I was wondering whether you knew where I could get good files for the knife I'm making - the closest place for me to buy is B&Q quite reluctant as not sure whether these will be of any good - little sad as my knife is on hold until I find some files im willing to spend money on. Any suggestions?

  • fluffy -

    Hi Tracey :)