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  • D.P.C.S -

    How do! Do you have a controller for your kiln sorted?

    • timgunn1962 -

      Yes. I've been using the Automation Direct Solo SL4848-VR or the Omega CN7823 on all but the first oven I built. They are the same controller with different badges as far as I can tell. I buy whichever is cheapest at the time.

      When I tested the first oven with a basic PID controller and a fairly high-end controller from work ("Hey Boss, is it OK if I take home that controller and spend a few hours familiarizing myself with it?"), I found that without ramp there tends to be a problem with radiative heating causing the workpiece temperature to overshoot. There are other ways round it, but using a slow ramp is easy and it's mainly needed for tempering.

      The SL4848-VR/CN7823 also allows 4 different Autotune temperatures and can autoselect the set nearest the setpoint, which seems to be a nice feature.