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  • Angelgutter -

    A bud, still looking to settle up with ya for the recurve if it's still available.

  • Angelgutter -

    Perfect! Just sent ya a pm

  • Angelgutter -

    How bout it bud, been trying to add one of yours to my collection for a while! I'll take the d2 you still have available, if you are willing to ship to South Carolina. Just let me know

    • Shing -

      Sure, I sent one to El Paso Texas a couple of months ago. The spring is relatively strong about a 7, Its not hard to get it out of the handle but there is a bit more resistance pass the half opening stage to get it fully open.

    • Angelgutter -

      I'll still take either if you are willing to turn loose of em, can't seem to reach ya for some reason.

  • kenj -

    Hi Shing
    The recurve advertised is it possible to buy carbon fibre grips at a later date.

  • Paul W -

    Yes please Shing, with all G10 scales and bolsters if possible, and I am rather partial to your stronger pulis circa
    7-8/10, this is the thread in question, cheers…and-52100&highlight=Shing

  • NJVW -

    Hi Shing. Congratulations on becoming a member of The Cape Knifemakers Guild

  • Platinum -

    Hi Shing

    It's so fantastic to see you back on the forum

    Hope your good sir
    Joel :)

  • NJVW -

    Hi Shing... I am trying to get the j---flex belts... It seems to be in USA and costly.
    Who was the edgematter member supplying these belts?. nico

  • Mr Doyle -

    Hi Shing,
    Do you still have the Serpintine with the orange G10

  • Polardiver -

    Really liking the clip points.......

    On a different note, where do you get hold of titanium sheet in the UK? Really struggling to find it.....


    • Shing -

      Thanks I get mine form ebay but there has not been any for sale recently. You can try that do ship to the UK but may need some persuading.