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  • KuroKitsune -

    Hi, I would like to buy your 511 , is it still for sale , and whats the price , inc p+p ? thanks

  • evil_house_goblin -

    Hi, I'm in Meanwood

  • Knife nut -

    Have you still got sr2

  • William Cassidy -

    Would you consider a trade? Mcusta stingray for the sr2?

  • jaysonyeung -

    Shc059 still available for sale ??

  • redpig -

    Hello Hattori, would you consider selling for a lower price? cheers John

  • Waiyo -

    Hi fella. You still have the Kroo forsale?

  • john wings -

    a email could be appreciated?

  • john wings -

    its waiting at your local post office

  • john wings -

    please post torch,as otherwise itll get clogged in christmas mail.thanks.mike

  • john wings -

    tracking number is;kp426992406gb

  • john wings -

    mike beckingham,33 vivian road,bodmin.cornwall.pl311qx

  • john wings -

    please send signed for;ill do the same for your parcel.cheers,mike

  • john wings -

    22 pounds offered

  • Shing -

    my address is 21 barton knowle, Belper, DE56 0DE. Can you enclose enough cash to return it if you decide not to have any work done please?

  • Shing -

    I can certainly take a look, I suspect some of the pin/screws have not been properly fitted and would need to be taken apart and redone plus the scale countersunk to accept a new countersink torx screw. If the screw is metric, I have them in stock, if its imperial like UNC, then I will have to order some in. I can give you an estimate for the cost of any work.

  • Polardiver -

    Hi mate,

    Knife in the post this morning, first class so should be with you in the next couple of days.

    Any problems or if you just don't like it, drop me a line.

    All the best,


    • Hattori Hanzo -

      Cheers Matt, I'm sure I'll love it as much as the last one. It'll ve nice to be able to use it without fear;)