Does the spring have to be flush?

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      pieinthesky wrote:

      Navaja - I don't know if I would do it exactly like that but you definitely have some good ideas there.

      Keeping the spring contact position close to the pivot may be sufficient on its own.

      I think I see a flaw, because it's probably not really a true slipjoint if it relies on a detent.

      Using a flat surfaced spring pretty much ties you up to using similar pressure open & closed.

      As soon as you start playing with shaping the spring to get an advantage when open it becomes a detent, not sure if using a detent is really traditional slipjoint stuff....?

      Radiusing the area between closed & half stop on a normal square tang has the effect of moving the spring closer to the pivot to aid opening. Makes the half stop a little uneven though, all compromises.