How to Post Images from External Links

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  • How to Post Images from External Links

    The forum software provides two methods of posting images. As a subscribing member you can upload images to your posts as @hughtrimble explains HERE!

    The second method for posting images is to post a link to the internet address or URL for the image file.

    This allows you to post images from webpages, facebook, photobucket, flickr, dropbox, etc. . . If you have specific problems with one or the other please ask, I will endeavor to get some detailed tutorials up specific to the big hosts.

    Here is an example using google images. The image belongs to Dalibor Bergam Knives and is a real stunner!

    Select the image you want to post, the images above are only links to the image page.

    If you are on your desktop, right click to open the menu. If you are on a mobile, you need to open the image menu on the device. Once you have opened the menu or right-clicked, select "copy image location"

    Now, once you have copied the location of the image, you can select the landscape icon in the menu bar at the top of the message window

    To get this box

    Once you have pasted the link, press insert.

    And Voila - The image appears embedded in the post. As long as the image file remains archived wherever you got it and is publicly accessible, the image will remain. However should it move from the URL you posted, the image will no longer appear.

    You can edit the size of the image after posting by clicking on it and going to the bottom right of the image where you can use your cursor to drag the corner in, making it smaller.

    When using Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, or Dropbox, etc. . . find the image URL and follow the same procedure.

    I have discovered that with dropbox if you are using your mobile to link images, it is still possible using the mobile app however when you paste the link you need to change ?dl=0 at the end of it to ?raw=1.

    The main advantage over uploading is that you can link to other peoples images as long as they are freely available and you give credit to the owner. There are also no image size or resolution limitations.

    Happy posting! :thumbsup:
    "Do or Do not, There is No Try" - Yoda

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