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  • Quote from san-mai-usa: “I would keep them for the history that they hold. They all look great to me. ” Absolutely. Don't throw them away! Flog/give them away if they're of no interest to you, please!

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  • Cracked Spydie blade

    hughtrimble - - Knifey Chatter


    Quote from mulletman6: “This I definitely not a fake as shortly after I got this I purchased the other copy to see how it compares and they're totally different. ” To clarify, you confirmed it was genuine by comparing it to a copy?

  • They snuck in under the radar - not as if Böker Plus get much press.

  • Quote from Platinum: “Sorry Hugh ,No idea of the blade length but by the looks of the handle and blade ratio against the pivot .....I think your right man ,would need some modding for uk EDC'ing ....a shame because then things get visually off balance ” Oh my bad, should have said - states it's 82mm on various sites:…lus,us,4,BOKER01BO065.cfm I don't think the cutting edge will be under our charming little limit therefore, but could be. Not too much to knock off th…

  • I do really like the look of those @Platinum. Mine might need to be taken to a grinder first though, to reduce that cutting edge! It's got a lovely look to it...but can I be arsed with trimming the blade...

  • Give me a tasty coloured Alox with cork screw!

  • Cracked Spydie blade

    hughtrimble - - Knifey Chatter


    Let them know the very real likelihood of an incorrect customs seizure, and ask if you can send the blade only.

  • Cracked Spydie blade

    hughtrimble - - Knifey Chatter


    If you bought it from a retailer in the UK then get them to deal with the warranty. Do not risk reimporting it direct from Spyderco - that's how a fellow member lost a Nirvana.

  • Whip-ping some tasty meat:…4ec0a6ad9789cc9145b2c96bc

  • I thought you'd gone for the new red line Sea-Dweller @Bluebs4? Either way, quite the collection! Interesting piece @akacoach - never seen one like it before.

  • Cheers both - there's little talent in sending a fast PM (one of the few times on here I've seen a 'need' knife and it's still actually been available!), but thank you! Hellize makes such gorgeously characterful things.

  • Just the one on the left (an @hellize gnome folder), but I think the Shirogorov Hati pairs with it well as an ultra modern/ultra mediaeval duo:…4ec0a6ad9789cc9145b2c96bc

  • Seb 21 VS Seb 25

    hughtrimble - - Knifey Chatter


    They're completely different, whilst also being quite similar Different feel in hand, with my preference going to the L21 over the 25 (haven't owned an L Regular, Classic or Inkosi though). Either way, if you don't get on with it, there are always people in the market for one.

  • Seb 21 VS Seb 25

    hughtrimble - - Knifey Chatter


    Some comparisons I made before owning multiple versions of all three: Quote from Yours truly: “Large Sebenza 21 vs. Sebenza 25 vs. Umnumzaan Afternoon all, An intense rivalry has broken out between these three Chris Reeve knives in my curiously vacuous-yet-knife-filled mind. I am anticipating the protests of 'Buy Both', or indeed 'BAT' ('Buy All Three' for those unwashed few not familiar with the syndrome), but even if I could buy all three, this inner turmoil would continue, also inducing turmo…

  • Seb 21 VS Seb 25

    hughtrimble - - Knifey Chatter


    Also uses a 'standard' pivot set up, rather than the 21's bushing system. Gives a different feel as well as changing the reassembly procedure.

  • Bush Bowie prototype

    hughtrimble - - Steel Nutter


    That's superb

  • Quote from BKelly: “@hughtrimble Yes mine has a smudging of black stuff. Has anyone sucessfully removed buffing compound ? Annoying really ” Have a read on here from the linked post onwards:…)?p=17023953#post17023953

  • Not sure - it's a single spring, with same main blade profile as the Whip, but thicker stock and then ground down to accommodate the pen blade at the opposite end. The Office Knife looks a bit...crap, as the laser(?) engraving has odd spots dotted around the place, but it's very pixelated.

  • That looks lovely and snug

  • Quote from leeroy37: “@Paul W the fluted Ti Millie is £411! ”

  • Good stuff @BKelly. Does your micarta have black stuff next to the spring? Supposedly buffing compound. For a bit of action sampling, how's the action on yours? I'd rate mine simar to a plastic SAK in terms of ease, but with a much nicer action. Way gentler than my #14. Looking forward to seeing more of the Clerk on the forums, as that was a close second for me. Only didn't pull the trigger because of my #77 Slim Calf Roper.

  • Arrived, pocketed since yesterday. Nice thing. The muslin micarta arrived with the spine of the covers stained black-ish (bladeforums has the low-down on that) and my jeans have had a crack at tinting the micarta:…4ec0a6ad9789cc9145b2c96bc Looking forward to hearing the thoughts of a certain chap with a rather large gaggle of them arriving.

  • Pie Lock

    hughtrimble - - Handmade & Custom Knives


    You can get different blasted finishes, depending on the process used. I find blasted feel warmer and gripper than stonewashed, but that's not much use to you without knowing the blasting media used! Blasting shows up wear much more readily than stonewashed, but that can be part of the charm of it. @packrat does blasting, so he may be able to help.

  • A cyclops on an SD, now that I was not expecting. Is it to kick off your Tudors from your wrist, or a nice pair? @Bluebs4

  • Quote from JimTheBob: “interesting @hughtrimble but I thought all 110's were made in US (although other models are obviously not). The one I bought in person from Walmart is stamped "USA" and the packaging is emblazed all over with "Proudly Made in The USA". This was posted on Bladeforums a few years back.... "This e-mail just came from Bill Keys, a director at Buck knives regarding the question. "Hi Dave, All of the Buck 110's we sell are produced here in the US (Post Falls, ID). Dick's and Wal…

  • @Metallurgen (The resident HT-related pro with his own subforum here: Welcome to Metallurgy, Steels & Heat Treatment) may be able to help with your LN question. Look into whether deep cooling or cryo are what makes the difference.

  • That's very unlikely to be US made. Walmart often sell knives of the same name and brand as already-extant models, but that are made overseas i.e. China. It's for good reason that the advert you linked to states: Quote from Walmart: “Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer: For certain items sold by Walmart on, the displayed country of origin information may not be accurate or consistent with manufacturer information. ”

  • @Dr Forinor Fallkniven H1

  • Has that got a blue crystal, or a scratch cover on it? Very blue indeed!

  • If you do move to Italy, that's your business name I'd be down for an Italian integral - gives it a touch more of the exotic than 'South London'.

  • Quote from Chui: “I don't get it, @hughtrimble I really don't. Never have I seen such inconsistent workmanship on the same supposed matched pair.......cannot understand how you are seemingly unwilling to acknowledge that two folders made as a pair at the same time can be sent out of a workshop in such obvious difference/discrepancy with their fit and finishes to each other ” That's a complete change of subject. I'm commenting on exactly what I've been commenting on all the time. Namely what i hi…

  • Quote from Chui: “- no Hugh, you misunderstand. If you'd read through properly, you'd have clocked that I had seen good work from him posted before - otherwise I'd never have asked him to make anything for me. ” I have read through thoroughly, and the bit about having seen better from him before is irrelevant when it comes to this: Quote from Chui: “He knew who I was, he knew where I stood with knifemaking. That he let these leave his workshop in this condition is utterly beyond me. ” This sound…

  • Agreed @bayvillageidiot. Spyderco calendar comp qualifier if ever there was one!

  • Quote from Chui: “He knew I wanted to hoist UK makers, so was looking forward to getting some slippies from him, a home grown source, and doing just that. Therefore, given the folders he'd posted on the forum back then, why make something that was obviously a different level of finish, particularly when he knew I wanted to promote UK makers..? ” I think you're being a bit paranoid about this Paul - I don't think he changed the level of finish for you, he just made you what he makes. Unless I'm m…

  • Nothing detailed in there, just a bit of basic information, which I for one much appreciated! The information from that site seems to be geared more towards punters than afis such as yourself.

  • The only reason I noticed was because of this recent newsletter piece from a jewellers:…explorer-ii-steve-mcqueen

  • That a McQueen @Platinum?

  • Quote from Chui: “- no, Darren, you're trying to put a twist on this that doesn't exist, and, is not me I never asked how much they'd be. Whatever this particular guy was going to charge, I knew I'd happily pay it (for what I thought were going to be a matching pair of knock-out folders). I knew of his work, and having asked people, his prices were fair was the response. If he'd've said they'll be £50 each from the off, alarm bells would have rung immediately. Maybe he only asked that amount bec…

  • Nothing to be embarrassed by! You had a crack and it didn't work out. But I'm sure it will work out in the future. We need an integral non-locking flipper in this country.