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Webley Senior


Finished Dagger with sheath


Origin Knives

Rockstead 'Nehan' anyone?



Bunny death-ray



The Warthog



Gallery setting



Spyderco Mamba


Pinned Old Oak Knives


I D Howe

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  • mason knives -

    Liked KamSingh’s post in the thread The Warthog.

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    Inspired by the late great Bob Loveless and his NY special design. 3.75" Blade 8" OAL 6mm (.236") O1 Green Canvas Micarta image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy image-proxy
  • Paul W -

    Liked sal’s post in the thread Rockstead 'Nehan' anyone?.

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    Quote from Paul W: “Cannot comment on the Rocksteads Darren, but my Stretch 2 in ZDP has had a lot of use and was extremely prone to micro chipping in the early days before I convexed the edge and stropped the :poo: out of it. There appears to be conflicting…
  • earthman -

    Liked monkeyboy_marcus’s post in the thread Tapping titanium.

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    @earthman tell me about it, have spent hours and hours studying engineering catalogues and getting more and more confused. However, the end product is a net increase in knowledge and hopefully that will translate into a better end result!
  • KamSingh -

    Liked Glass-Wood-Steel’s post in the thread The Warthog.

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    wow you really are the king of serpentine blades mate. That is a smashing version and all your own :thumbup:
  • KamSingh -

    Liked Chui’s post in the thread The Warthog.

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    - oh yes, really sweet.........beautiful blade too, lovely work :thumbsup:
  • KamSingh -

    Liked Jimmypie’s post in the thread The Warthog.

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    Lovely work Kam ! very nice indeed :beer:
  • tom durston -

    Wrote a comment on Polardiver’s wall.

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    hi do you have more of the bottle opens? cheers tom
  • Polardiver -

    Posted the thread For Sale Webley Senior.

    Pre-departure clear out continues..... Quite a nice Webley Senior in .22 edgematters.uk/attachment/2850…eaa59b66bdeb8b5b9f28ab6ce It's the biggest of the bunch and has the usual battle scars from being hastily stuffed into a pocket containing marbles,…
  • Origin Knives -

    Replied to the thread Finished Dagger with sheath.

    Thanks Chui :D